Health & Social Benefits of Inflatable Air Castles & Obstacle Courses

by Debra Henderson, MS 2013

Inflatable bouncers, jump houses, and obstacle courses, are often thought of as recreational devices for children's parties, school field days, church carnivals and company parties, though they provide good opportunities for healthy activity.

The inflatable play structures kids love provide heart, lung, and muscle building such as sustained cardio-vascular fitness, endurance, enhancement of proprioception, development of physical education skills and psychomotor skills of climbing up, over, under, around and through objects in a safe environment as well as negotiating correct sliding positions as the body moves through space.

There is also a strong social skills component as children cooperate in a designated jump space or traverse through an obstacle course together. So let them jump, bounce, climb through an obstacle course and slide down and inflatable slide knowing it isn't just fun and games they are having fun, staying healthy and learning new skills!

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