Ride Throughput: Jump houses vs Obstacle Courses For Public Events.

Public Rental Math - How to calculate throughput time operations management for inflatable Jump houses vs Obstacle Courses.

A bounce house when run tightly organized and efficiently run can put 75 - 85 children through, MAXIUM in one hour. BUT an obstacle course in that same hour can send nearly the double number of kids, teens and adults through! Rent an obstacle course for your public event and get a World of Sports, jr. inflatable completely free!

Here is the math;
Jump house can handle about 8-9 children at a time of the same size. Their turn is 3-5 minutes. There are 12 groups of kids in 1 hours (60 minutes divided by 5 minutes = 12 groups). So those groups of kids are probably 8 kids each x 12 = 96 kids. It will actually be less than that since the first group has to come out and the next group go in, which lets say it takes 1 minute to get them all out and another minute to get them all in. That means either each turn becomes only 3 minutes each rotation or the number of groups in the one hour get cut down. So a real number is more likely to be 75-85 kids presorted and grouped per hour when run like clockwork.

Now an Obstacle Course moves much faster, but there are only two starting every 30-60 seconds (depending on the length of the obstacle course). Let's say it takes less than 2 minutes from start to finish to race through the obstacle course. That is 2 kids every 90 seconds, but when those kids are on the top of the slide, coming down to exit we can send the next group of kids in to start. Based on that it is two kids every minute or so. The 60 minutes in an hour becomes 120 kids going through the obstacle course. Smaller obstacle courses may move more kids since they exit faster, but larger obstacles give more cardiovasculer workout and proprioception to be aware of their body as they go through the obstacle. Longer obstacle courses are more fun. With are use ot the children's chairs while waiting and learning the rules the students actually engage with the obstacle course earlier as they are getting up moving forward and sitting down every minute of so instead of just waiting in line.

With their increased speed since they are racing, kids goomg through an obastacle course probably increase the number of kids to 150 kids in the hour. With the standard time in and time out, the bounce house kids will probably decrease their ride time which would decrease their numbers to about 75 kids per hour. That makes the obstacle course faster/more riders in one hour.

An obstacle course becomes faster and safet to move more kids. We feel so strongly about this that when you rent an obstacle course of any size from us for a school, church, company or public event we provide the World of Sports, jr. for your event.