History of Air Castles And Slides LLC

Established in 2002.

Meeting Needs

Air Castles was conceived as a homeschooling project with our kids to learn; business ethics, meeting customer needs, and staffing. It was important to do hands on skills for permanent memory.

They learned bookings, scheduling, routing, cleaning, setting up/taking down, hiring, supervising, teaching and safety. They practiced problem solving with many variables including serious safety.

Systems Developed

They learned about regulations, compliance, inspections, and insurance.. They wrote contracts, develop checklists and joined ASTM. They attended trade and training conferences.

They developed the Good Neighbor Award providing discounts to people who help their communities.

Growth & Roots

Air Castles grew from backyard parties to events in parks, schools, churches, camps, companies and public events.

Still the backyard party is the most satisfying. It is joyful to see the birthday child's excitement when we arrive and hear the whole family exclaim, 'Wow!' as we turn on the inflatable and it grows to full size.