Meet The Owner

Debbie Henderson, MS

Debbie started as a NJ state certified teacher K-12. She now has a Masters degree in Higher Education awith a focus in online education and distance learning. Debbie is currently earning another Masters degree at Harvard University, for IT, Digital Media Arts &; Instructional Design, with an estimated 12 months remaining in the program.

Debbie has been a YMCA Senior program/physical education director and a Head Start preschool director. She has taught elementary school and high school as well as at Rutgers University.

Debbie is a well known respected national instructor for safety in the industry and holds an official commission on the Department of Community Affairs, Carnival Amusement Ride Safety Advisory Board. She chairs the RCMT committee regulating training opportunities for owner/operators of all amusement rides in NJ. Debbie is very focused on safety for the sake of our young patrons.

Debbie is on the International ASTM working group creating regulations for the inflatable industry world wide.

Debbie also edited, and published 'Kidsville News NJ' a children's publication with a certified distribution of 45 thousand throughout Middlesex and Somerset NJ counties.

Debbie continues to work in Air Castles and teach safety seminars nationally. Debbie wants to teach high school and college students how to get and keep their first job. Student workers learn critical thinking and problem solving while working with Air Castles And Slides, LLC.